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As the name suggests, this oil is used to bring peace to a home and the people who dwell within it. This oil has been designed to calm an home at unrest or in chaos and allow those there to be able to understand each other more and to put aside differences. This is a great oil to use before gaatherings where you know tensions would be high.


These oils can be used to dress candles, petitions, gris gris bag, and more.


These 1/2 oz magical oils are a wonderful addition to anyone's spiritual/magical supply cabinet.

Each element of the oils has been blessed and empowered individually and again once combined.


If you don't see the oil you're looking for, please ask. We have many oils that we make and haven't had time to put on the website. We are also more than happy to create a custom blend for you.

Peaceful Home Oil

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    This item is sold as a curio. Please do not ingest magical oils.

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