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As a Spiritual Alchemist, it is my job to help my clients create transformation that enhances and supports their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social well being. I use many tools and methods like energy healing, candle work, herbs, and oils. Probably most importantly, I help my clients to take responsibility for themselves both physically and energetically.

I grew up surrounded by spiritual women and took an interest in such things right from the start. I have always felt a strong pull from the plant kingdom, and so I have a very strong connection to it. Although I have many certifications and have logged a lot of learning hours, the healing arts is where my heart lies. As a working, homeschooling, spiritual entrepreneur, I am dedicated to helping my family and others to take back their health/lives in a more natural way.

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is a place for our clients to relax, heal and nourish their body, mind and spirits.


We offer services such as Reiki, Trapped emotion release, Candle workings,  Smudging, and House cleansing/blessing.

Along with the services offered we are also an apothecary that carries a great many herbs and extracts to aid you in your endeavors. Additionally we offer our clients a wide range of quality products and services to use as tools of transformation.

Our Philosophy


We believe that the body is capable of great things when provided the right tools.

  • Healing

  • Spiritual connection

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Calm mind

We believe that this is reflected in our products and services.