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A Mixed Modality Energy Healing Tratment is just what it sounds like, a combination of energy healing modalities will be used during your session. A Distant session just means it will be done 100% remotely. You will stay home or go about your business, and your treatment will be done from here. Modalities may include Reiki, Infinity healing, The Melchizedek Method, Bioenergy, Cord cutting, etc. No two sessions are quite the same as the treatment is tailored to you and what your body needs at that time. Many clients say they feel wonderful, calm, relaxed, renewed, and reduced pain after their treatment. Some clients don't feel anything during their treatment but note a difference later that day or perhaps within a few days.


*Does not include Balinese Spiritual Healing.

Distant Mixed Modality Energy Healing Treatment

  • Hey there! Just a friendly reminder that our products and information are meant to be educational only. They're not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any ailments, and we don't take responsibility for their use. If you're feeling ill or experiencing any impairments, please consult a trained professional.

    Just like with any other professional service, we can not guarantee specific outcomes or goals reached in a specific time frame.

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